Tom and Beth are not happy when they move to North Berwick and find themselves facing a rainy, windswept beach, a house that’s falling to pieces and a school full of strangers. When they meet Professor Macblain, with his weird and wonderful inventions, little do they know that he has a secret: not only is he a thief, but he has stolen the one thing that can save the Firth of Forth from environmental catastrophe.


“This book has bite…The plot was exciting, dangerous and had great characters; I loved the premise and the fact that everyone in the town was so concerned about the environment not simply because of the impact on tourism, but demonstrating genuine love for the wildlife that inhabit the sea.”

— Catherine Scott, Armadillo Online

“Gripping from the first page, Annemarie Allan’s latest offering is likely to be a big hit with her 8-12 target audience, especially those from East Lothian. Environmental disaster, friendships and loyalty, excitement and integrity, all these are lightly touched upon through a page-turning plot that catches hold of 12 year old twins Beth and Tom when they move to their new home by the sea.”

— Suse Coon, Lothian Life (read full review)

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